Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am SUCH a bad man!

I have been neglecting this thing for too long! So to catch up, I'm in the middle of a Design Your Own Shetland Shawl class (I'll post pictures), and I'm getting ready for a top down t-shirt class (with a saddle sleeve and lace in cotton), still working on the Tabi Socks, and I have a lace idea rolling around in the back of my head. On top of all that, I've got an idea for a seaman's (not semen) scarf. So much yarn, and so little time.

To keep me even more busy, I have a very full house. 7 people staying here tonight! Me and Jim, of course. Then there's Connie and Julie, from Alabama, and Bart who's from Wichita Falls. They're here helping Jim with his show. Actually, Connie and Julie are doing their own show, but they've thrown their hat in with Jim. Bart's working for Jim, at least most of the show. So tonight, Caroline and Juli (that's 2 Juli(e)s!!!!), came in to spend the night so they could go to the airport tomorrow. Juli's getting her PhD in bugs, and is going to Panama to do some research, and Caroline is going with her. At any rate, full house is an understatement. Oi veh.

Anyway, I'll keep ya'll posted on future knitting projects! And I really need to start posting pictures ...